For the residences of the towns fallen to the massive siege life changed abruptly. Over 20 cities and towns were simultaneously laid siege on the western side of a long forgotten continent of a long forgotten world. Only 5 cities managed to break their siege and drive the invasion back. Cut off from the rest of the world, from their king, from their protectors, the city folk resigned them selves to near slavery at the hands of their new rulers. For over 5 years the iron fist of the invasion armies has dictated daily life, taken, and horded. No more. In a basement of a rather shabby tavern a plan is hatched. A rebel uprising shall set the people free. Take back what has been ripped from them. But how. When the dank basement fell silent, and the dirty faces of those who were ranting only moments ago cast about with question, it happened. A man stood up and said, “We must act, and so we will. Let us send a group out to the forbidden area. They will return with information of our captors ranks, and fortifications outside the city. From this information we will choose our next move.”

All eyes were on the tall man, his marvelous goatee and unnaturally clean look. Sure enough this man was not only clean, but well groomed, and dressed in new green clothing. Whoever he was he was right and every one knew it. All it took was one small voice in the corner to set this plan into motion. The blacksmiths daughter almost whispered in her tiny 10 year old voice “But who will go?” It was enough, it was heard in the silence following the green mans speech. It was heard and answered.

Rebel forces